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Polson Traffic Signal Boxes

We are very excited about our second Polson Public Art project for 2024!  
The Traffic Signal Box Art Project benefits Polson by creating an inclusive, creative environment that fosters a sense of community and appreciation of art.  We are in the process of Calling for Art from local artists to be able to wrap traffic signal boxes in 6 locations around Polson.

Would you like your art to be seen by hundreds of people per day? We would love to have you apply to be one of the winning artists with your artwork displayed in Polson as in the example photos below.  If selected, each winning artists will be awarded $850 and have their artwork on a Polson Traffic Signal box!
Traffic Box-1.jpeg
Traffic Box-2.jpeg
Traffic Box-3.jpeg
Click here for
Please contact Natalie Raffield
(303) 945-6325
Thank you- blue.png

We are very grateful for additional funding on this project provided by the Greater Polson Community Foundation

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