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is dedicated to enhancing the City of Polson community through art, fostering vibrant public displays, community outreach, student engagement, and a celebration of indigenous art. We believe in the transformative power of art to inspire, connect, and unite. By actively engaging the community and embracing diverse artistic expressions, we aim to create a more inclusive and culturally enriched environment.

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Collaborating with the Polson City authorities and the Montana Department of Transportation, the start of our Art4Polson project begins with plans to adorn the city of Polson with vibrant murals and art-designed wraps for traffic signal boxes. Additionally, in the future, the Gallery intends to undertake larger projects, inviting local artists to paint murals across public buildings in parks and the Polson Golf Course.

Beautify Traffic Boxes in Polson

Traffic Box-3.jpeg

Sacajawea Park Mural Project in Polson is now complete!

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Raising funds is crucial to support and sustain efforts for our Art4Polson project. Sandpiper members are actively fundraising through donations, raffles, collaborations, and grants. We welcome your financial support with any tax-deductible donation amount for this community art project to ensure the accessibility of art to all and leaving a lasting legacy of creativity, unity, and pride.

to learn about a really fun way to help us fundraise for our community Public Art programs!

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