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Sandpiper Art Gallery & Gifts, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has been in existence for over 50 years in Polson, Montana.  The Sandpiper Art Gallery & Gifts places emphasis in making art available to the people in our area and to promote art as a career. In 2023, the Sandpiper Art Gallery & Gifts had the pleasure in announcing that two deserving students, which were awarded scholarships amounting to $1500 each. These scholarships are funded via monies raised each year from our annual Courthouse Art Festival on the Lake County Courthouse Lawn in Polson, Montana.  This year the Courthouse Art Festival will be on August 10, 2024.

Persephone Sandoval, a Fine Arts major at Salish Kootenai College, mostly uses pencil, pen-ink-brush, watercolor, and acrylic paint.  The main theme of her art pieces are portraits of people.  After graduating with her Associate Degree, Persephone plans to continue in a Bachelor of Fine Arts program and eventually would like to earn a Masters Degree.   She is also interested in gaining experience in digital arts and business to eventually open her own studio.

Persephone Sandoval

Nora Webster

Nora Webster is a member of the Ronan High School graduating class of 2023.  She has been accepted by Brigham Young University and plans on studying art.  Nora has taken additional courses that include animation, textiles, illustration, and business.  Nora also had an opportunity to help restore the historic Catholic Mission in St. Ignatius.  She hopes to combine art restoration as well as art education. 

WolfBlack ledger art #2_edited.jpg


To encourage, support and mentor students from Lake and Sanders Counties interested in studying any of the Fine Arts.  Sandpiper Art Gallery & Gifts promotes participation in the arts, and provides educational opportunities through workshops, scholarships, exhibits, a library and other resources.  We believe that the inherent value of the Fine Arts enhances the quality of life and merits our attention.

Each year Sandpiper Art Gallery & Gifts offers art scholarships to deserving students from Lake and Sanders Counties interested in studying any of the fine arts.  The award amount may vary.

In developing criteria for their scholarship, the Sandpiper Gallery recognizes the wide range and application of the art field.  For scholarship eligibility purposes we define "art" as any form practices mainly for its aesthetic value and beauty.  These art forms include painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, jewelry, photography and film, fiber and graphic art.  We further expand the criteria to include professional careers in art. These include art education, art history, restoration, scientific/medical art illustration, technology, art verification and authentication, art archeology, and museum curatorship.


(Click HERE for PDF of Application Info & Guidelines)

Students applying must be either enrolled at an institution of higher learning, or a high school senior accepted by a college, university, or specialized school offering degrees in the arts.  Applicants must generally be full-time students although we will recognize those applicants who have special situations, which limit full-time attendance.  Applicants must reside in Lake County or Sanders County. ​ The student must fill out the Scholarship Application Form, including a statement of interest and need, a portfolio, and a transcript.  


The student’s completed Scholarship Application Form must be submitted by March 31st of the year applying.  The Scholarship Committee will review it, schedule an interview, and present their selection to the Board of Directors.  The Committee will suggest the monetary amount to be awarded; this may vary from year to year. To qualify, the applicant must meet all obligations of the application process.  No exceptions are made, unless by Board approval.  The scholarship is paid to the school directly.



When the committee does not have a viable student submission for the scholarship or chooses to give only a portion of the funds allotted, the scholarship committee can choose to fund students or non-profit art groups who sponsor art education, and/ or reduce the cost of local workshops for SAG members.  All must submit an application and meet with the board for approval. 


  • Scholarship award recipients may request to have their artwork included in the member section of any new Art Show in the Gallery during that scholarship year. 

  • The winner(s) may also request complimentary Gallery membership for that scholarship year. 

  • The winner(s) may have selling space at the Gallery booth during the Courthouse Festival in Polson in August of that scholarship year.


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