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Henrietta WolfBlack, a Salish Kootenai College art student, received a scholarship from Polson’s Sandpiper Art Gallery.  Mrs. WolfBlack will receive an associate’s degree in fine arts and digital design this spring.  She will continue in the fall quarter to work towards a degree in art education.

During the last two years Henrietta achieved a 4.0 grade point, strengthened her skills in Ledger Art, and expanded her knowledge in digital design.  She received “Best of Show” in 2019 for ledger art.  Her ledger art was featured in the 2020 fall “Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education” magazine.

She looks forward to a career teaching art to children as both rewarding and therapeutic to their life skills.

Glacier National Park recently sponsored a contest for logo design for their Native American speak program.  Mrs. WolfBlack developed a design and won.  Glacier will use the logo as part of their promotion of the 40th anniversary of the Native American Speaks program.  The logo will be on banners, stickers, and other numerous items for the program.  

In developing criteria for their scholarship the Sandpiper Gallery recognizes the wide range and application of the art field.  The Sandpiper Gallery began in 1971 with a small group of artists who wanted to make art available to the community for both participation as well as appreciation.  They use their annual summer art show at the Lake County Courthouse lawn as a scholarship fund raiser.

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To encourage, support and mentor students from Lake and Sanders Counties interested in studying any of the fine arts, as defined below, and who shows a financial need to pursue that goal. 


Fine Arts as defined by the Scholarship Committee: drawing, painting, the study of art history, graphic arts, sculpture, ceramics, film, music, and art education.



Students applying must be either enrolled in an art program at an institution of higher learning, or a high school senior accepted by a college, university, or specialized school offering degrees in the arts.

The student must fill out the application form, including a statement of interest and need, a portfolio, and a transcript.  


The student’s complete Scholarship Application (PDF),must be submitted by May 1st of the year submitted and will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, who will then present their selection to the Board of Directors,  along with the amount requested for approval.  The scholarship is paid to the school directly.



When the committee does not have a viable student submission for the scholarship, or chooses to give only a portion of the funds allotted, the scholarship committee can choose to fund students or non-profit art groups who sponsor art education, and/ or reduce the cost of local workshops for SAG members.  All must submit an application and meet with the board for approval. 


The Sandpiper Gallery will further support the student scholarship recipients selected by encouraging them to include a piece of artwork in the members section for every new show. 

A gallery student membership will be offered to the scholarship recipients for that sponsorship year.  

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