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Carole Carberry

Carole is a multi-media artist with particular interest in watercolor, calligraphy and printmaking. From an early age, she enjoyed an inherited artistic ability and a love for drawing.  Her formal education includes art studies at Montana State University and both undergraduate and graduate studies in printmaking at the University of South Carolina.

As an active watercolor artist, Carole is a Member in Excellence with the South Carolina Water-media Society.  Her award-winning paintings, "Dressed for Dinner" and "Boys on the Bed", were chosen for the Water-media Society's Traveling Show for the years 2012 and 2013.    


Dreaming You...jpg
Golden Moment.jpeg

The long-necked birds are this artist's favorite subject matter ... swans, egrets, herons ... and pelicans, too.  She has spent many hours photographing or sketching the birds wherever ... on rivers and reservoirs in Montana, or in South Carolina at natural rookeries, inlets, and certainly at the Swan-Lake Iris Gardens in Sumter, SC, which can boast of all eight varieties of swans on its cypress-edged ponds.  It is the graceful curve of a swan's neck, the uniquely regal neck of an egret, the richness of warm colors in the beaks of pelicans and herons ... that Carole finds "beautiful" and attempt to share in her work.

Away from her brushes and easel, she is active with the Sumter Artists Guild in South Carolina and is the Festival Co-Chairman for the Sandpiper Gallery's two summer events in Polson, Montana.  

This artist has taught college level art appreciation, has instructed workshops in calligraphy and watercolor, and has demonstrated watercolor techniques at Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibition, where she has been an exhibiting artist for 21 years.


Born and raised in the northwest, her husband and family have traveled the world as an Air Force family, and now call both Montana and South Carolina home.

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