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Carol MacIntyre

Once I played with a block of porcelain at a Missoula Art Museum sculpting class in 2002, I was hooked:   I realized the intimacy of touching and shaping clay to express myself.

My 20 plus year career teaching high school English and Spanish opened a window into how people think and express themselves.  At the same time I was teaching others to express themselves through literary analysis, written and verbal expression, and cultural exploration, I learned how to express myself through writing, dance, painting, and especially through ceramics.

Studying Ceramics and Sculpture U of M with David Regan and Brad Allen, I combined my love of ceramics with ethnic dances, sculpting dancers and mythical pieces.  Later my interest in expressing emotions found an outlet while sculpting busts and learning sophisticated hand building techniques learned through Archie Bray and Clay Studio workshops with Adrian Arlo and Cristina Ann Ames, and Arthur Gonzalez.  My naturalistic busts sometimes serve as a three dimensional canvas to paint the lights and shadows of the mood and place my ceramic characters inhabit.


Now, I hope to continue creating expressive vessels and functional pieces using the building skills my hands have internalized.  Our retirement move to Polson has opened up lots of creative possibilities and support:  a small studio and kiln close to the house and the wonderful local community of artists at the Sandpiper Art Gallery and beyond!

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