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Fran Wilkie

Growing up, I spent many summers on Flathead Lake with my family at our cabin on Rocky Point.  I had so many fond memories of the area that after retiring and spending winters in Arizona and traveling during the summers my husband and I decided to make Polson our summer home again.  

I have always enjoyed doing crafts of all kinds, but one summer while visiting a shop in California, I was introduced to glass fusing and it was love at first site.  I was so drawn to the vibrant colors and textures in the glass that I decided I wanted to learn more.  I returned to the shop and took a couple of classes on cutting and designing fused glass.  I returned home from my vacation and bought a kiln and glass and have been creating unique artistic designs for over 10 years now.  

I love to learn and incorporate different technique in my designs so you will also see me working with metals and vintage flatware. 


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