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Sherry Jones


Sherry loves to combine colors, shapes, and textures inspired by natural materials to create beautiful pieces of jewelry art.  Her goal is to create elegantly simple, well made, practical, and comfortable jewelry. This artist's handcrafted jewelry features unique designs created with gemstones, leather & mixed metals through string beading, metal forging, soldering, form folding, stone setting, and texturing techniques.  Primarily self-taught through experimental learning, she has honed her skills through a multitude of classes and experimentation.  Although Sherry works with a variety of metals and leather, she loves the color and quality of copper combined with gemstones.  Her art is simply an extension of who she is.  As a former school counselor turned jewelry artist, this artist tries to infuse her realism and empathy into each unique piece of jewelry that will have a personal connection for its wearer.  

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